Living Healthier 

Living Healthier – Why not start today – What does that mean? To some people, it might mean losing weight. Other’s it means eating better or it could mean you want to exercise more. To me, Living Healthier is about the changes you can make to your lifestyle. The changes will help to keep and improve your health and well-being. Living Healthier will take a lifelong commitment.

What is involved in Living Healthier?

Living healthy involves more than exercise and diet. When looking at the health of someone you should look at the physical, emotional, and mental health. Being healthy includes such things as, weight management, healthy eating, stress management, and physical activities.

Maybe you want to quit smoking. This will most likely be the most challenging lifestyle change that most people will do. It was one of the hardest lifestyle changes that I did. I had a reason and a plan to stop. My daughter who was twelve at the time was experimenting with cigarettes. I could not continue to smoke and tell her not to smoke, so I made the decision to stop, as did my husband and my sister who was living with us at the time. My daughter stopped experimenting and has not taken up smoking and most likely never will.

What this blog is about?

Living Healthier
Living Healthier

This blog is about giving readers tips about how they can take the actions needed to have a healthy lifestyle. It is by no means all-inclusive but will include ideas that I consider are necessary for a lifestyle that leads to good health.

There will be tips about what people should consider and do to live healthily, the blog will also cover the don’t s that lead to unhealthy living. We will look at the obstacles and struggles that people have when making healthier life choices.



Last Thoughts

I am not a medical practitioner but the comments and tips I will be putting forward are from real-life experiences as well as research. Remember it is never too late to start living healthier, all that is required is the desire and willingness to change.