Living Healthier – Things To Do To Live A Healthier Lifestyle Hi again! Sorry that it has been a while between posts. Had a health issue that is now out of the way and I am fully recovered from it. My last post was on The Benefits of Exercise. Today’s post is about Living Healthier – Things To Do To Live A  Healthier Lifestyle.

There are many things we can do to live a healthier lifestyle. Getting proper sleep, relieve stress, and eating properly to name a few.

Things To Do To Live A Healthier Lifestyle – Drinking H2O

Living Healthier - Drinking Water
Living Healthier – Drinking Water


Something I do every day when I wake up is to drink a glass of water. Your body has been at rest for several hours so the water helps to hydrate your body. I drink several glasses of water during the day. My water bottle is always with me throughout the day.

Things To Do To Live A Healthier Lifestyle – Sleep 

Living Healthier - Mattress
Living Healthier – Mattress

Sleep, we all need a restful and quiet sleep in order to stay healthy. Lack of sleep or unrestful sleep can impact our energy levels and appetite. It is vitally important to stick to the same regiment for your sleep. If you are having trouble getting to sleep consult your family doctor and discuss sleep aids that might help you get a better night’s sleep. Another thought is to ensure your mattress is of good quality.

Things To Do To Live A Healthier Lifestyle – Exercise

Living Healthier - Exercising
Living Healthier – Exercising

This website has a post on the Benefits of Exercise. We all know that exercise helps us to feel energized. Do an exercise that you enjoy maybe one your partner can enjoy along with you. If you are doing an exercise that you are enjoying you will be more likely to continue to exercise on a consistent basis. You will gain both physically and mentally by doing an exercise you enjoy.

Things To Do To Live A Healthier Lifestyle – Meal Preparation

Living Healthier - Meal Preparation
Living Healthier – Meal Preparation

Taking a few hours on your days off to prepare meals ahead of time will save you time during your busy week. Search the internet to find meal plans that freeze and reheat easily. (I have included a few family recipes we use that are great for freezing and reheating.) Using some meal preparation containers should make the preparation easier to carry out.

We all love to take a break from preparing and cooking meals or if you are too busy to prepare meals for a whole week. There are many eating establishments that provide healthy takeout well-balanced meals. Some of the food services that we have used are Chopped Leaf and Freshly.

Personal Care


Living Healthier - Manicure Set
Living Healthier – Manicure Set

Our lives are busy, but we should all take the time to look after ourselves. There should be a balance between your work and health. Taking care of yourself varies from person to person. Ensure you make time to do what you feel is needed to have a healthy lifestyle. Some of the things you can do to take time for you are reading a book, listening to music, sleeping, get a massage or manicure, or maybe both are just a few. Remember to treat yourself once in a while. Some personal care products you might be interested in are manicure set, back and neck massager, nail dryerwater flosser, and beard trimmer.

Nutrition and Vitamins

Living Healthier - Vitamins
Living Healthier – Vitamins

Today it is increasingly important in order to live healthier lives to ensure we are receiving the proper daily source of nutrition and vitamins. Eating well-balanced meals and supplementing meals with vitamins is one way to ensure that we are doing this. By doing these things your immune system will be strong and healthy.

Buying Groceries Online.


Living Healthier - Groceries
Living Healthier – Groceries

Another way to have less stress in your life is to let others do your shopping. Buy your groceries online! Today most of the major supermarkets have online ordering and curbside pickup. You place your order from the comfort of your home and select a pickup time. To pick up the groceries you go to the supermarket parking lot and park at the reserved parking slots for curbside pickup. Call the number given to you when you reserved your time, and the attendant will bring your groceries out to your vehicle and put them in your trunk. So much easier than going through the stress of getting your groceries, waiting in the line up at the register, and packing your groceries. A good food delivery service is Instacart.

Last Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this article about Things To Do To Live A Healthier Lifestyle. I also hope that if you decide to use any of these ideas that it will make a difference in your lifestyle so that your journey toward Living Healthier will be a step closer.

Your comments are welcome and I am looking forward to doing my next post about creating and using a schedule. I have found that one of the best ways to keep organized and maintain healthy habits is to create a schedule that you are going to use.